After learning how to edit the Wiki and picking your groups, Complete the following Assignment:

  1. Students will use a Google Document to write notes to later copy and paste onto the Wik
    1. The group may use their text book, other books, and any verified/trusted information on the internet.
    2. Each member must use a different color while typing on the Google document.
    3. Bold any key terms, they may even be connected to another page on the Wiki or an outside site.
    4. All information must be cited in MLA format
    5. At the bottom of the document, comment on who did what for the project (who added to the Wiki, who found pictures, who made the Web 2.0 tool)

  1. After the group has compiled enough notes to clearly explain their topic, they may copy and paste the text (in black) onto the Wiki.
  2. The group must add their Google Document to the end of their notes on the Wiki for grading on team collaboration
  3. Each group must also add:
    1. A Web 2.0
      1. Use the Web 2.0 tool to explain the topic and key terms found in the text.
      2. This may be a gloggster, a Voki, student made YouTube video, pod/vod cast, or any other tool approved by the teacher.
      3. The Web 2.0 tool must be uploaded to the Wiki or have a link that can be opened by the teacher or any other person viewing the Wiki.
    2. Photos
      1. At least one photo with a citation must be added to the Wiki.

5) Take the quiz listed under the Quiz Page.
6) Students are also to take the Group and Peer Evaluation on the Quiz Page.
The student's grade will be giving based on the following:

Group Grade:
Material is clear and correct
/ 10
Key words are in BOLD
/ 3
No spelling or grammar mistakes
/ 5
Information is Cited in MLA
/ 12
Web 2.0 tool used and works
/ 10
Google Document on Wiki
/ 10

/ 55

Individual Grade:
Individual Participation (seen on Google Document)
/ 10
Group Evaluation Average (On Quiz Page)
/ 5
/ 10

/ 25

Overall Grade: / 80

For examples, see Divergent Boundaries under Plate Tectonics and Rock Cycle under Rocks and Minerals.....