Plate Tectonics

Structure of the Earth

Evidence of continental Drift

Fossil and Climate Clues
Rock Clues
Sea Floor SpreadinG
Age evidence
Magnetic clues

external image diverg.jpgDivergent Boundaries
Divergent boundaries exist between two plates that are moving away from each other. As the plates move away from each other, a space is created that is then filled with lava. This means that the rocks closest to the boundary are the youngest rocks compared to the rock of the plates.
Between Continental Plates
When two continental plates move away from each other, they create a rift or rift valley. Examples: Red Sea Rift, East African Rift
Commonly between Oceanic Plates
Divergent boundaries often occur between two oceanic plates. The separation point is called a mid-ocean ridge. Examples: East Pacific Rise, Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Volcanoes often form along divergent boundaries due to the lava being able to escape from the new formed crack in the lithosphere.

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